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The ifa Country Partnership

Want to start your own business expansion and franchise consultancy?

When COVID-19 first hit in Spring 2020, it took time for franchises to retool and adjust to the pandemic’s economic challenges. Once businesses understood the changes in spending habits, supply and demand, they were able to see opportunity. And many of them realized that opportunity with the help of franchise consultants.  

According to research performed by ReportLinker and MarketWatch, the pandemic has been very good for business consultants. The global management consulting services market is expected to grow from $819.79 billion in 2020 to $895.46 billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of between 8% and 9.2%. The market drivers behind this growth are largely companies seeking advice for optimizing business models for an economic landscape changed by the pandemic’s reality.  

What does that mean for investors looking at franchise consultancies? It means that many entrepreneurs will be looking for franchise advice with a valuable, experienced partner.

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A Step In the Right Direction

You are thinking about starting your own consulting business? Why not bet on franchising? A dynamic business model that allows you to become an entrepreneur, thanks to the strength of ifa, the reputation of the franchisor, but also of a concept that has proven its success for over a decade

IFA NOW offers you the opportunity to own upto 90% of your country's exclusive master franchise. What could be more rewarding than helping others grow their business whilst at the same time grow yours?

The Ifa country partnership is exclusive to one partner one country and comes with multiple income streams. Franchise sales, Franchise training courses and seminars, Royalty shares, Consultancy fees, Franchise readiness fees.

Help people grow and develop their businesses and host, franchising training courses and seminars while building a lucrative lifestyle business that you can operate from the comfort of your home.

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We're with you at every step of the way 

Welcome to the first step in your journey to business ownership. Founded in 2012 in Chiang Mai Thailand as Asian Franchise Academy NOW  ifa was pioneered to help professionals effectively explore franchising as a viable business expansion option. Since then, we have built a market-leading  reputation as an ethical, value driven organisation that helps professionals make life changing decisions and career transitions. IFA was the first company in Thailand to introduce residential all-inclusive franchise training programs for consultants, franchise Investors and brands wishing to expand through franchising. Training courses soon expanded into Singapore, Cambodia, the Philippines, Myanmar Vietnam and even as far as Mauritius.

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In the current economic and political climates, where there are so many questions around long-term job security and future stability, we aim to give back control and personal power by helping professionals rediscover freedom and unleash their potential. Franchising is our vehicle for doing so. By becoming an ifa franchise and business expansion consultant, we show you how to build a profitable and enjoyable lifestyle business by learning how to effectively use our award-winning business model. Our highest priority is to focus on the SME’s and evolving franchise brands as that directly impacts the lives of the professionals that they work with. We go to great lengths to support you in every aspect of your business and to help make you as successful as possible.

Endless Opportunities

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